Dashlane Business Enterprise Review

Fast. Simple. Secure. That’s Dashlane Business.

Dashlane is a password manager that simplifies everything you do online. The Dashlane app securely stores and autofills all your passwords, payments, and personal information at work, home, and anywhere else you use the internet. It works across most major devices and platforms, so you can count on it to fill your passwords even if you use a PC at work and a MacBook at home.

With Dashlane Business, it’s easy to keep your business and personal accounts separate. And while your administrator can set policies and monitor password strength, only you have access to the content in your Dashlane account.

  • The Most Secure Password manager for your Business

  • Secure your team within minutes

  • See how simple it is to secure the keys to your company

  • Used in 18,000+ companies worldwide

  • Smart Spaces keep work & personal data separate


Dashlane uses a patented security architecture and AES 256-bit encryption, the strongest method available, to keep your info safe. Two-factor authentication is built into Dashlane by design, and we’re compatible with your favorite mobile authenticator apps or U2F keys.


Securely share encrypted passwords with individuals or groups—and say goodbye to passwords sent unsecurely over email or Slack.


Keep business and personal credentials separate with Smart Spaces. Admins can monitor the password health in an employee’s Business Space, without compromising the privacy of their Personal Space.


Onboard new team members, manage permissions, and monitor security issues all from the Admin Console. Ultimate control, all in one place.

Password manager: Dashlane’s patented security architecture ensures your passwords and other data are secure and accessible to only you.

Smart Spaces: Smart Spaces allow users to securely store business and personal data in separate spaces within the same account.

Secure Notes: Secure Notes are an easy way to store or share sensitive information. Start a blank note or use a template in the desktop app, and share privately or encrypt with a password for personal use. Secure Notes automatically sync across all your devices for handy access. 

Sharing Center: The Sharing Center allows you to view and manage all shared credentials in a single place. New sharing invitations will appear here along with any groups or existing individual shares. Admins have the ability to disable sharing in the Admin Console settings.

Auto-lock on Exit: When enabled, Dashlane will automatically lock after exiting the iOS or Android app, requiring the user to log in again.

Remove Company Items for Revoked Users: When an employee leaves your organization, they shouldn’t leave with work passwords.

Dashboard & Password Health Score: