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The 5 Best Password Managers for Business in 2021:

The most effective way to avoid a serious cybersecurity breach is by ensuring your company has a secure password manager.

You could spend a ton of money on cybersecurity — encrypting sensitive data and putting up firewalls — but without strong passwords, no other security measures will work.

Short on time? Here are our top business password managers:

  • 1.🥇 Dashlane  #1 pick for enterprises and businesses in 2021.
  • 2.🥈 RoboForm — Easy centralized management system.
  • 3.🥉 StickyPassword — Good for small and mid-sized businesses.

Dashlane Business — Overall Best Password Manager for Enterprise

Dashlane is a password manager that simplifies everything you do online. The Dashlane app securely stores and autofills all your passwords, payments, and personal information at work, home, and anywhere else you use the internet. It works across most major devices and platforms, so you can count on it to fill your passwords even if you use a PC at work and a MacBook at home.

With Dashlane Business, it’s easy to keep your business and personal accounts separate. And while your administrator can set policies and monitor password strength, only you have access to the content in your Dashlane account.

  • The Most Secure Password manager for your Business

  • Secure your team within minutes

  • See how simple it is to secure the keys to your company

  • Used in 18,000+ companies worldwide

  • Smart Spaces keep work & personal data separate

Bottom Line:

Dashlane Business allows your employees to effectively collaborate and securely share data. Administrators can use the powerful Admin Console to supervise employees’ password habits — without intruding upon anyone’s privacy. Dashlane is a fantastic all-round choice which will save everyone in your team time and effort

RoboForm for Business — Best for Centralized Management

RoboForm was one of the earliest commercial password managers on the market, and it has always maintained a great reputation for security. RoboForm for Business offers enterprise customers everything available to RoboForm Premium customers — and more.

Company Admins can create new employee accounts, perform audits to check the strength of users’ passwords, and set security policies for everyone within the company. Group Managers can set security policies for all Regular and Limited Users within their group.

This level of control is perfect for companies with several different departments. It allows high-level Company Admin staff to delegate some control to Group Managers, while maintaining tight security over the most critical areas of your business.

Bottom Line:

RoboForm for Business provides powerful centralized administration tools that give you true control over security policy across your company. It’s perfect for large organizations or those with several departments, but it’s still decent for smaller businesses, too.


StickyPassword for BusinessBest for Small-Business Users

StickyPassword is one of the most user-friendly password managers on the market. It has a well-designed interface, autofill capabilities, and great tech support.

Companies with 50 or fewer employees should consider Stickypassword Teams. Teams offers a great set of features at a great price, including:

Bottom Line:

Even the best-value LastPass packages include some great sharing and auto-filling tools — all backed up by LastPass’s powerful encryption technology.