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What is a Password Manager?

  • A password manager is a hardware device or software application that generates, stores, retrieves, and manages complex passwords. It stores complex passwords in an encrypted database, which helps provides robust protection against hackers. The encryption is so strong that it might take years or even forever to crack. So, there is that security, convenience, and peace of mind which many reliable password managers offer to their users.

Do You Really Need A Password Manager?


  • Many security researchers and experts strongly recommend that everyone should be using password managers because they do a remarkable job of offering a much better combination of convenience and security. Most people either use repetitive passwords or have bits of information in their passwords like their name, their date of birth, etc. A password manager generates long, random passwords across your various online accounts and also stores those passwords.

How I Rated the Best Password Managers in?

  • Security. I analyzed the encryption settings that protect each password manager — 256-bit AES encryption is standard for this list. I also looked for unique features like two-factor authentication (2FA) and zero-knowledge protocols — this way, even the company behind my password manager won’t be able to access my information.
  • Features. Password managers include tons of different features, including file storage, web form filling, secure password sharing, a VPN, and even dark web monitoring — I’ve put all of these features to the test to figure out which ones are essential and which ones are just flashy add-ons.
  • Usability. All the features in the world are useless if the user interface is a cluttered mess — I dug deep into these password managers to see which ones are better for advanced users and which ones are ideal for non-tech-savvy people.
  • Customer Support. I ranked each company’s support systems in terms of helpfulness, response time, type of support, and available languages.
  • Value. I want a password manager that is a good value for the money, which is why my list only includes password managers that offer great features for a great price.

Are password managers safe?

  • You have to keep in mind that these password managers use encrypted security, which makes them way more secure than your standard router set up at home or office. Moreover, they use two-factor authentication and have other features (e.g., auto log out, master password, super-long generated passwords) to make your passwords more secure.

How to Use a Password Manager

  • Today, people have a large number of passwords for social media sites, work logins, shopping pages, online banking and much more. While it is important to use strong passwords and to use different passwords on each site, it can be a difficult task to remember all them. With a password manager, you simply enter the site, provide the master password you set for the password manager in that software, then log in to the site and the username and password will be stored for you.
  • Using a password manager can also help you to create more secure passwords as it will create randomly generated passwords if you create new online accounts using the manager. Often, with a master password you can sync accounts across platforms as well.